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A New Leader Needs Some Rhythm 

By Mindy Caliguire - Friday, December 17, 2010

Today's post is from Lindsey Sherrod who serves with CreatePossiblewhere she provides directional leadership, as well as communication and creative consultation for CreatePossible and its clients. She can be found at www.twitter.com/LRsherrod, where she shares about the creative, soul care focused, and often random, life. 

I think I'm learning . . . slowly, painfully . . . at times, there is a place God has called me to, but the journey and direction is Hisnot mine.

My own "soul care" story is actually a bit similar to Mindy's . . . in college, much responsibility . . . much pressure . . . major collapse. The journey back taught mebreath by breathwhat it means to let go of myself and live at the "soul care table" where God and I are both present. 

BUT, the new challenge? I have a somewhat firm grasp (although eroded by my own frailty at times) of my personal soul care rhythm. What about when you're leading a team? Helping othersin a professional contextdevelop their own rhythm? Remind, remind, remind that the emotional/spiritual/relational aspect of a team can either make or break? (And, an unhealthy environment not only breaks the team, but people.)

So, Step #1: Figure out a rhythm that gets my soul care leadership qualities in check, before I even attempt to help others. Words from Nancy Ortberg have been driving my thoughts here, "As a leader, you are responsible for carving out a life that has a rhythm that renews you. It’s not anybody else’s job."

Time for some rhythm carving. Hope you have the chance for some today too.