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Supreme Act of Prayer 

By Mindy Caliguire - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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I have often wondered about some of Jesus’ prayers. What did He really feel? What did He really pray for? What can we learn from His prayers?

The one I’ve wondered about most (and likely projected myself into) is a prayer Jesus offers after what appears to be a particularly frustrating series of ministry conversations/teaching episodes (don’t we all pray like crazy at those times?!). Now, you may have a hard time accepting that Jesus was ever frustrated as a teacher (and I suppose you would be correct). But if we evaluate teaching effectiveness according to the “results” of students who get it, I think you’d agree this was a failure along our current lines of evaluation. (Matthew 11, MSG) They are questioning if he’s really “the guy”, they’re criticizing whatever he does, he’s dishing out harsh warnings against those who won’t listen, and then, abruptly, he prays. Prays? Yes, prays. Abruptly. I always wonder what motivated that prayer.

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