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Who Are You Becoming? 

By Mindy Caliguire - Monday, September 10, 2012



The invitation to “become” is more than a call to conversion. It’s a call to a changed life. More than four walls and a weekend service, we are the “ecclesia” where redeemed people are being transformed into Christ-centered disciples in a broken world.

Become Like Jesus is a guiding framework for church leaders as they support life-changing transformation in their local “eccelsia.” Whether they realize paradigms need to shift, want to explore God’s heart for the leader, or desire to create a culture that is conducive to spiritual growth, Become seeks to inspire church leaders and their congregations as they flourish.

Continued Development: The WCA is currently offering Become as a free resource to those who sign up for LIFT courses prior to September 17. This fall, LIFT is launching team pricing, a Strategy for Transformation course, and a certificate program.