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Just Diving In 

By Mindy Caliguire - Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today I’m needing to find the courage to act on what I know God has called me to do.

I’m learning that’s not a “once and for all” decision; it comes in daily decisions. Today, right now, it looks like being diligent with writing. (OK, I’ll get back to it soon!) But what is it for you? What do you know God has called you to, but it’s easy to get distracted with other things—even good things?

Take a minute now—decide to set those aside and do something directly related to what God has called you to do in this season. Even if it’s to read a book to a toddler because this is a season for investing in small children. Set aside the laundry or whatever else… and bless that little one (or ones) with your undivided attention. Please, no major proclamations for massive change; just a decision for what you’ll choose to do right now. OK so get on with it! It's time to DIVE!

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Soul Searching--with Melinda Schmidt and Anita Lustrea 

By Mindy Caliguire - Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Yesterday, I joined the delightful hosts of  Midday Connection, where we talked about a core Soul Care spiritual practice--Soul Searching. Classically known as Examen, or Self-Examination, this form of prayer is all about taking an honest look inside, guided by the Holy Spirit. It was a great conversation--I loved hearing from callers and those who sent emails with questions! Sounds like a lot of us are taking a deep breath and making some brave steps to grow in this area.

Of course, before we went into the deep waters of Soul Searching, we did discuss the dangers of aggressive squirrels! But you'll have to listen to the broadcast if you want to hear about that... Here's the archived recording.

We also talked about...
  • DIVE! Women, mark your calendars for November 7--or guys, let the women in your life know about this--Melinda, Anita, and I are joining forces to do a one day women's event called, Dive! Learn more about it here.
  • September 9 begins an eight week journey with Midday Connection listeners to do a small group experience using Discovering Soul Care and then Spiritual Friendships. Grab a few friends and join us!

If you'd like to go deeper in Soul Searching, you can get the book or even listen in on the class at Willow Creek from Fall 2008.