About Soul Care

In 1998, Mindy Caliguire launched Soul Care to be a publishing and ministry vision dedicated to helping people restore health to their souls. The growing hunger for authentic Christian spirituality continues, along with a need for practical help in experiencing God. As a result, the vision of Soul Care continued to emerge. Consulting and speaking with groups such as the Willow Creek Association, Renovare and the Spiritual Formation Alliance has broadened the Soul Care platform.

So what makes a soul healthy? Quite simply, a soul is healthy to the extent that it experiences a strong connection to and receptivity to God. Jesus was clear: "If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing" (John 15:5, TNIV). However, connecting this spiritual reality to how we actually live is another matter.

The Soul Care organization has developed to help you connect with your own spiritual reality, and give tools to change how you actually live – one step at a time. To do that, Mindy and the Soul Care team provide resources, events, and consulting with an aim to:

  • Foster authentic inner growth for individuals
  • Help organizations lead towards spiritual formation and
  • Mentor leaders to focusing on re-establishing their spiritual vitality as the primary step towards a lifestyle of sustainable ministry and leadership.

Let us help you explore practical ways to restore life and vitality to your soul, the "soul" of your team, and the vision of your organization.

You can send us a message here Contact Us  or by email: connect.

“Mindy Caliguire knows and cares about the deep things of the soul. She’s been there. And she can be a wise guide here for you.”
~ John Ortberg, author of The Life You’ve Always Wanted

“For many years I have enjoyed a soul-nurturing friendship with Mindy Caliguire, so I know she lives out the truths she writes about. I am delighted that her passion and practical wisdom will find an increasing audience through these studies.”
~ Lynne Hybels, author of Nice Girls Don’t Change the World