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This is the "park bench" we want to share with you. So have a seat and take a minute  to share your insights and stories here -- they feed our souls and inspire our imagination. Here, you can explore concepts of soul care and to make connections with others on the journey.

The blog keeps you up-to-date with us, E-Notes are an every-so-often email sent direct to your inbox. Forums allow space for conversation on various topics ranging from spiritual practices, to the soul-challenges of leadership, to discussions on our current Willow Creek class. Downloads offer articles, videos, and audio recordings from a variety of sources, and Links will connect you to some of the ministries we work with.

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"Thank you for your ministry. You are a rare voice. This is the kind of thing that should be at the forefront of our conversations."
~ Pastor Carlos, Chicago

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Mindy's Blog

Like a Soy Latte for the Soul... We hope this blog will be good for you, taste great, and provide a little kick to keep you going! Please enjoy and chime in with comments.

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