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“Today the interior life of vast numbers is empty, parched, dry. And the reason? In our daily, desperate scramble of panting feverishness we have never so much as considered the health of our soul. This is why Mindy Caliguire’s Soul Care Resources are so valuable and so timely for the contemporary scene. They are practical, well-grounded, wise books that help us cultivate a life of robust soul-health. I recommend Soul Care Resources highly.”
~ Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline.

"At the SoulFeast conference, [I received] some copies of a little booklet on Journaling that I have found VERY helpful with my spiritual direction clients.  Concise, to the point, and USER-FRIENDLY."
~ Linda, TN

"I would highly recommend Mindy's book, which is really persuading me that this form of “soul care/spiritual friendship” is a very worthy pursuit for us women to work toward.  What also makes this my kind of book is that it's mercifully short."
~ Carole, IL

"I ordered my 1st journal a few months ago and love it and am back for my second. I plan to continue using these journals.I wasn't sure about pages with no lines but found that not to be a problem. I do a lot of journaling and as I oomplete these they will stand neatly on my bookshelf. The booklet that comes with the journal is very helpful. I really like the fact that these are made with recycled paper and that my purchases are helping women who are less fortunate than me."
~ Linda, OH